Augmented Reality Looks to Developers to Go Mainstream

While augmented reality proponents have tried to push the edge of the technology with limited success, they’re now making a concerted effort to empower developers to incorporate AR into their apps. It’s a bet that developers can help AR can finally find a home in consumer’s lives.

Coders Get a New Colleague — Barbie

Barbie today got two new careers, and in one she’s a computer engineer! That’s right, coders of the world can now count Mattel’s (s MAT) best-selling toy among their ranks. But my question is, does Barbie use a Mac (s aapl) or a PC?

One True Media Raising $10M

One True Media, provider of personal video products and small business ad creation tools, has raised $8 million of a $10 million second round of funding, according to a regulatory filing.

Suing Scrabulous: The Game Everyone Gets to Lose!

Well I guess it’s finally time to check out Wordscraper. Caving Responding to a formal complaint from Scrabble copyright holder Mattel, Facebook has blocked access to Scrabulous for pretty much everyone.

I was hoping to at least play Scrabulous when I travel outside the States, but no longer, because Facebook has preemptively blocked it across the globe. (Except in India, where creators Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla hail from and where a court case is still pending.) Worse still, I’m not particularly enthused by my alternatives.

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Glaser on Scrabulous:

Rob Glaser, the CEO of RealNetworks (NSDQ: RNWK), spoke last week at the Casual Connect conference in Seattle, just hours before Hasbro file…

Will Parents Pay $72 a Year for Virtual Barbies?

Starting now, Mattel (MAT) is offering a premium subscription option to its phenomenally popular Barbie Girls web-based virtual world. Since beta launch April 2007, it’s amassed a record-breaking 13 million registered users, with over 2.3 million of those monthly active users.

At $5.99 a month, the new “Barbie Girls V.I.P” account gives girls a wealth of additional perks for their avatars, like a virtual pet, exclusive access to a “Extreme DreamPark,” and, of course, “a special virtual tiara.” Which that means starting this week, millions of parents will face a uniquely 21st century dilemma: Should they pay $72 a year so their little girls can enjoy playing with Barbies that don’t, in the strictest sense, exist?

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