How Codecademy got so hot, so fast

Codecademy, which teaches users how to program for free with an interactive and social web application, has garnered more than 1 million users in less than five months. We talked to co-founder and CEO Zach Sims about how Codecademy started and where it’s going.

Apple’s enterprise inroads extend to GE, local governments

Apple is making strides with enterprise customers, according to a lot of recent surveys, but how does that look on the ground? Two recent examples include a program that’s bringing Macs to corporate heavyweight General Electric, and the ongoing rollout of iPads among local governments.

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San Jose City Council Approves Tesla Plant: The San Jose City Council unanimously voted to approve Tesla Motors’ new electric car manufacturing plant. The Council also approved a number of green building policies including energy efficiency and sustainable materials regulations – San Jose Mercury News.

UK Creates Climate Change Department: UK prime minister Gordon Brown has created a Department of Energy and Climate Change which will be led by Ed Miliband because we need more government departments to tell us there’s a problem – Nature.

Gavin Newsom Blogs for Green Economy: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom blogs: “We must demand this new green economy. No more billion dollar tax breaks for the oil industry. No more drill baby drill. No more Persian Gulf oil imports” – Huffington Post.

Fact Checking the Debate on Climate and Oil: In case our commentary on last night’s presidential debate wasn’t enough, the folks over the New York Times have fact checked the debate and highlighted the energy-pertinent discrepancies – NYT’s Dot Earth.

Ethanol Execs Face Federal Charges, Grand Jury: Remember that North Carolina state official who wound up in jail for accepting a bribe from an ethanol developer? Well, those ethanol executives now face charges of extortion, bribery and perjury. Ethanol has official come of age – Forbes.

Open APIs In Xohm’s Future

It is still not clear what is going to happen to Xohm, Sprint’s planned WiMAX service. Will it be put on ice, or will it become part of a new company with backing from Silicon Valley giants like Intel? One thing is becoming increasingly clear: Unlike some other carriers, Sprint is pretty serious about giving others an equal opportunity and access to this network. TechRepublic editor Jason Hiner chatted with Sprint CTO Barry West and Atish Gude, the senior vice president of Xohm operations, who told him that:

Sprint will release open APIs and a software development kit (SDK) so that hardware and software makers can develop solutions to take advantage of Sprint’s mobile WiMAX network. “We’re going to be open on devices and open on applications,” said Gude. “We’re here to serve the Internet. Our foremost priority is providing really good access…This is the open Internet. We’re not going to block anybody.”