Bringing data loss prevention to the little guy

Companies of all sizes worry about theft of key information but until recently, the use of data loss prevention technology was too rich for their blood. The adoption of cloud technologies to enable DLP managed services like Verdasys is changing that.

Amid growing sales, Android attracts more malware

McAfee said Android took the top spot in mobile malware attacks in the second quarter, growing 76 percent from last quarter, moving past Symbian OS and J2ME. Android had 44 attacks last quarter, compared to 14 for J2ME and 4 each for Symbian and Blackberry.

Intel: Desperately Seeking Software (Margins)

There’s no shortage of opinions as to why Intel bought McAfee, but there’s far too little attention paid to the obvious: Intel is trying to get beyond its hardware roots. Intel knows it needs software margins, and it’s prepared to both buy and build those margins.

Windows Power Grid Worm is Just the Beginning

A worm that uses a Microsoft Windows vulnerability to penetrate control systems for the not-so-smart grid is just the beginning of how increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks could target the power grid. And the current power grid network isn’t smart or secure enough to handle them.