Talent drain

It’s not where the viewers go; it’s where the A-list talent decides to set up shop.

Drowning in data in Hollywood

The studios are all busily scanning their libraries in 4K in anticipation of a day when delivering 4K video to the home is a practical reality. But all those ultra-high def scans are creating are creating new problems for the studios in the meantime: where and how to store all that data,?

Taking SOPA/PIPA to the streets: Protests on for SF, NYC

The anti-SOPA and PIPA demonstrations don’t stop with site-wide blackouts planned for Wednesday by a number of web giants. People also have plans to meet up in real life and take the protest to the streets in cities such as San Francisco, New York and Seattle.

MobileTechRoundup podcast 257: CES preview; Nokia Lumia 710 impressions

On this week’s audio podcast, Matt and Kevin share their expectations for next week’s big Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Nokia Lumia 710 is in hand, so both hosts share their thoughts on this very capable $50 Windows Phone device for T-Mobile’s network.

A clouded view of Google Music

The licensing deals Google was able to sign with the major record labels are in their own way groundbreaking and could point to a more significant shift under way in the online music business than simply the addition of another MP3 store.