How To Stand Out in a Sea of Storage Startups

Online storage companies pop up more frequently than mushrooms after a downpour in Southern France. And like the wild-growing fungus, not all of them are easily digested. Case in point: AOL’s Xdrive, which despite corporate backing recently joined the likes of Omnidrive on the proverbial technology garbage dump. So how does one survive in this sea of startups? Continue Reading & Find Out.

MediaMax, a.k.a. TheLinkUp, Is Dead

MediaMax, a San Diego-based startup that allowed you to upload and share big files and create a social network around it, is dead. “We regret to inform you that we will be closing The Linkup service on Friday, August 8 at 5:00 pm PDT,” the company wrote on its web site this morning. Good riddance, because it was a brain-dead idea to begin with. More importantly, the company constantly lost users’ data — not a good survival strategy considering data is your business.

The company was first known as Streamload, then MediaMax, then quickly changed its name to TheLinkUp, promising people that their files would automatically move over from MediaMax to TheLinkUp. Changing monikers didn’t quite reverse their fortunes, however, and they remained as clueless as ever. “It was not possible to satisfactorily complete the move of files from MediaMax to The Linkup as we had expected, and as a result cannot offer a service.” No kidding. The users are mad – no surprise there.

Anyway, I expect that dozens of these upload-store-share-backup-type services are going to take a nap in the dirt soon — and if you are using one of them, think twice before trusting them with your information. I would recommend, Apple’s dot.mac (Mobile Me) and AOL XDrive. I personally use Joyent’s BingoDisk, a for-pay service that meets all of my needs for now.