The case for more (virtual) meetings

Nearly everyone hates meetings, but a bold blogger suggests the solution may not be fewer of them, but more. Wayne Turmel argues that virtual teams stick too closely to the old model of long get togethers and advocates for more, shorter remote meetings.

yaM Wants to Make Meetings More Efficient

A well-run meeting generally takes a fair amount of work, particularly if it’s to be conducted at distance. yaM (yet another meeting) is a collaborative online tools that aims to streamline the process and make meetings more efficient by replacing emailed agendas and notes.

Apple Shareholder’s Meeting Roundup

Yesterday Apple (s aapl) held its annual shareholder’s meeting at its Cupertino headquarters. All the top brass were there to answer questions from the men and women to whom, let’s face it, they must eventually answer. Of course, that didn’t stop Steve Jobs from being his usual tactless self, quipping during a lengthy comment from one shareholder, “Do you have a question?”

There’s a lot of information to digest, so I’ve condensed the juiciest morsels into what I hope is a more accessible short-form. Here goes!
All seven board members were re-elected; there was an advisory vote on executive compensation and Apple’s public accounting firm was chosen (it’s Ernst & Young, by the way.) Votes also were cast on two shareholder proposals. The first called for a published “sustainability report” detailing the company’s environmental policies and its contingency planning in the face of climate change. The second proposal was for the creation of a second board of directors, tasked with overseeing Apple’s environmental policies and business strategy in the face of climate change. The board felt they were already doing a fine job in both these areas, and recommended voting against the new proposals. Votes were counted and, unsurprisingly, neither proposal was successful. Read More about Apple Shareholder’s Meeting Roundup

Recipe for a Successful Teleconference

I’ve just experienced the worst phone conference of my career. It was a complete shambles, which certainly didn’t inspire any confidence in me about the project the “team” is supposed to be working on.
I’d prepped detailed questions about the project, set a timer on my computer so I was ready to expect the call, and had my project notes handy. I was all ready to go. Unfortunately, the team wasn’t, and the meeting was a failure — almost!
Here’s a quick refresher on the ingredients for a successful phone conference.

How to Plan Virtual Meetings With a Global Teleworking Team

1154861_earth_3d1As organizations and businesses loosen their geographic borders, their teams will be composed of members from all over the globe. From a small web design group to an entire staff of offshore workers, we’ll soon find ourselves working with people from different time zones.
But working with such a team can be maddening. How do you tame the time zone madness and plan your meetings as efficiently as possible? Read More about How to Plan Virtual Meetings With a Global Teleworking Team

Meeting Scheduling’s a Breeze Using MeetingMade

mm_logoScheduling a meeting can be a trying business with all the back and forth over email trying to find a time and date that suits everyone. Fortunately, there are a few scheduling web apps available that can help to streamline the process. What makes MeetingMade stand out from the options we’ve previously covered here on WebWorkerDaily (like WhenIsGood and TimeBridge) is that it has a nice, easy to use interface for participants to select the times that they are available and does a very good job of working out the best time for your meeting to occur.
Here’s a screencast showing MeetingMade being used to set up a meeting:

WWD Screencast: MeetingMade from WebWorkerDaily on Vimeo.
The interface is very easy to use, which is important in a tool like this as there’s no point in sending out a meeting request using a scheduling tool only to get an email back when the recipient can’t figure out how to use it. Only the meeting organizer neds to have a MeetingMade account.
MeetingMade also distinguishes itself from the crowd of meeting scheduling apps by being able to handle partial availability and timezones. MeetingMade uses the iCalendar email standard so meeting requests from the app will work with most calendaring apps like Microsft Outlook (s msft), Google Calendar (s goog)  and Apple iCal (s aapl).
MeetingMade is free to use while it’s in beta (it will move to paid subscription at some point in the future), and is worth checking out if you’re looking for a meeting scheduler.
What meeting scheduling tool do you use?

7 Tips for Efficient Meetings


As web workers, we probably have to endure meetings less often than our cube-dwelling counterparts. When you do hold a meeting with a client or with your teammates, either face-to-face or as a teleconference, you want to make it as effective as possible so you get the outcomes that you want, without wasting anyone’s time.

Here are some tips for making sure that your meetings are less of a chore, go smoothly and have outcomes that are favorable for everyone. Read More about 7 Tips for Efficient Meetings

Apple Shareholders Re-Elect Board


The annual Apple (s aapl) shareholders meeting had a different tone than usual on Wednesday, lacking the presence of company CEO Steve Jobs. The Apple board hasn’t had a straightforward year, leading the company through a global financial crisis and aiming to stem the ongoing investor uncertainty surrounding Steve Jobs’ health.

Shareholders seemed to embrace the positive on the whole, wishing Jobs a Happy Birthday (he turned 54 on Tuesday) and offering mixed opinion on how the board handled disclosing information surrounding recent events. Read More about Apple Shareholders Re-Elect Board

Weekly App Store Roundup: Jan. 10, 2009


After our first week proper in 2009, we’ve run smack-bang in to a hurricane of Apple news courtesy of this year’s Macworld event.

Over at Apple’s final MacWorld Keynote, standing in for Papa Jobs, Uncle Phil unveiled brand new iLife and iWork suites, alongside completing the Macbook Pro lineup with a 17″ model touting 8 hours of battery life.

And, to finish proceedings off, Apple revealed special singing guest Tony Bennett, allowing the adoring audience to bask in the warmth of his orange glow as he crooned the keynote to a close.

While everyone else at TheAppleBlog has had their eye on Macworld, I’ve been rolling around in the App Store and getting friendly with the latest additions.

This week I’ve been looking at Keynote Remote, Wallpaper Notes, Cisco WebEx Meeting Center and Bank Panic.
Read More about Weekly App Store Roundup: Jan. 10, 2009

The Art of Meeting Multitasking

Guest post by Pete Johnson
istock_000006766855xsmallAs an IT teleworker for a large company over the past 10 years, I’ve spent my share of time on conference calls. The other day, in fact, I set a personal record with 11.5 hours of them in a single work day (and I had the sore headphone ear and hoarse voice that came along with that feat). Despite this meeting load, I still had to respond to IM’s, reply to a multitude of emails, prepare slides early in the day for a presentation later on, and a host of other tasks. That begs the question:
How do you effectively multitask in meetings in a way that lets you get work done?
Read More about The Art of Meeting Multitasking