How to minimize the impact of 5 common distractions

The key to remaining productive is to not let the many distractions in your work day sidetrack you from your primary job. Here are a few tips for taking charge of your day and kicking a few of the most common distractions to the curb.

Survey finds status meetings don’t help work get done

It will probably come as no surprise to WebWorkerDaily readers that a recent survey found that 70 percent of information workers don’t believe status meetings help them accomplish work tasks. Additionally, almost 40 percent of respondents feel that such meetings are a waste of time. Makes Organizing and Running Meetings Easier

As most web workers know, successfully coordinating meetings over email can be tricky. is a collaborative tool that is hoping to make organizing meetings easier. It handles meeting invitations and also provides an online space where attendees can share notes, materials and the agenda. Makes Taking and Sharing Meeting Notes a Breeze is a simple, well-designed web app that makes taking and distributing meeting minutes quick and painless — no more transcribing handwritten meeting notes, or cobbling together a minutes email from typed notes. It’s free, and no sign up is required in order to use it.

World Time Buddy Helps to Schedule Meetings Across Time Zones

One of the problems with collaborating with people in multiple time zones is figuring out suitable times to hold meetings. There are apps that can help, but they’re often clunky and tricky to use. Enter Word Time Buddy, an app that makes selecting meeting times easy.

10 Ways to Find More Time in Your Schedule

How much more you could get done if you had just an extra hour a day? While I can’t magically transport you to Bajor, where they have 26 hour days, I can share a few tips that will help you to take control of your schedule.

7 Tips for Successful International Meetings

International meetings can be tricky. Language barriers can make communication difficult, while time zone differences can make finding a suitable time can be awkward. Here are a few of tips to help you overcome those issues and make your international meetings more successful.

SlideShare Wants to Make Web-Based Meetings Easier With Zipcast

SlideShare, the web-based service that allows you to upload a PowerPoint presentation and share it with others, today launched a new feature: a free, web-based meeting service called Zipcast that runs in any modern web browser without requiring a download.

Salesforce Acquires Dimdim

Cloud CRM provider Salesforce has announced the acquisition of web conferencing and meeting tools provider Dimdim. Salesforce says that it will use Dimdim’s presence and on-demand meeting and collaboration technologies and development team to add new real-time communication capabilities to its Chatter collaboration platform.

WWD Screencast: Meetzi

Meetzi is an app that helps make meetings more focused, actionable and on time. You can use it to build and distribute agendas; keep your meetings on track using its built-in timer tools; and then use it to share notes and after the meeting has finished.