Slate tries to buck the paywall trend by focusing on membership

Instead of a paywall around its existing content, Slate is trying to convince its biggest fans to become members of a community — membership that will bring them additional benefits, including preferential access to writers and editors at the site. But will it be enough to move the revenue needle?

Can Andrew Sullivan make post-industrial journalism pay?

Blogging superstar Andrew Sullivan dropped a bombshell on Wednesday by saying he is leaving The Daily Beast and setting up his own subscription-based website. Can he become the first prominent success story in what some have called the move towards “post-industrial” journalism?

Why newspapers need to get to know their readers better

Although the ad-driven business model behind Facebook looks similar to that of a newspaper, the crucial difference is that the social network knows a lot more about its users. The more focus that newspapers put on doing the same, the better off they will be.

Longreads offers some exclusive content to paying members

Longform journalism site Longreads is giving paying members exclusive access to long-form content that is not available elsewhere on the web. The first selection is a chapter from Charles Duhigg’s bestselling book “The Power of Habit.”