Nokia is working on self-driving cars with Mercedes-Benz

Nokia’s Here business, a serious rival to Google’s mapping and navigation efforts, is partnering up with Germany’s Mercedes-Benz on autonomous vehicles. Like Nissan, Merc parent Daimler wants self-driving cars on the road by 2020.

Verizon buys Hughes Telematics to target the connected car

Verizon’s ambition to connect more than homes and phones just zeroed in on the automotive market. It announced on Friday it is buying Hughes Telematics for $612 million in cash, gaining the company’s crop of machine-to-machine (M2M) connected car technologies and services.

Tesla scores electric Mercedes-Benz deal

Tesla (s TSLA) reported fourth quarter and full year earnings on Wednesday and in its shareholder’s letter revealed that it has started a development program with Daimler to build a new electric Mercedes-Benz vehicle with a Tesla powertrain.

So this is what happened to the hydrogen highway

The dream of the “hydrogen highway” in recent years has morphed into a tech for industrial applications like to power forklifts and fleet vehicles. Pike Research estimates that there will only be 5,200 hydrogen fueling stations throughout the world by 2020.

How Pandora could raise its revenues

Pandora finally went public last week, and with its focus on radio, the company has a better chance for mass adoption than most other digital music services. While it may be losing money now, here are a few steps it could take to raise revenues.