AT&T discloses too much in merger filing

AT&T, on Thursday somehow managed to file a document relating to its T-Mobile acquisition that wasn’t redacted, which noted that it would have to spend $3.8 billion to cover rural areas with its planned LTE network.

AT&T-Mo Is the Tipping Point for a Broadband Duopoly

At a Senate Judiciary subcommittee on AT&T’s proposed purchase of T-Mobile, support was tepid for the merger. And most support associated with the deal was conditioned to a point where the FCC would be put in charge of regulating prices, speeds and perhaps access to devices.

AT&T + T-Mobile: What the Web Is Saying

Telecom giant AT&T dropped a bombshell on Sunday when it announced that it plans to acquire competitor T-Mobile for $39 billion, provided the deal is approved by federal regulators. Here’s what some bloggers, technology analysts, former regulators and other observers are saying about the deal.

An AOL and Yahoo Merger: Failure Squared?

AOL’s reported interest in merging with Yahoo seems more like a desperation move or a Hail Mary pass than any kind of coherent strategy for success on the part of either company. Neither has shown any evidence that it understands the new realities of the web.

The App Store Gets a Little Smaller: ngmoco Acquires Freeverse

Big news today as two of the iPhone’s biggest game makers become one through acquisition. ngmoco, makers of such hits as Rolando 2 and Eliminate Pro, has purchased Freeverse, another hit game maker with some significant successes under its belt, including many early App Store hits. Flick Fishing and Moto Chaser might ring some bells, sitting as they did on the top 25 list for long stretches.

The acquisition brings together two of the most significant developers in App Store history, both of which have built their considerable reputations exclusively through their efforts with the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s a step that represents a big milestone in the life of the App Store’s maturing ecosystem. Read More about The App Store Gets a Little Smaller: ngmoco Acquires Freeverse

Rumor Has It: Apple Looking to Acquire AdMob Competitor

The Google/Apple war appears to be in the arms race stage at the moment, with the Nexus One set to be unveiled today as the latest weapon in the Google (s goog) arsenal. Apple (s aapl), for its part, appears to be momentarily playing catch-up, with plans to acquire another mobile advertising company now that Google is in the process of snatching up AdMob.

Quattro Wireless is the advertising company in question, and while it is much smaller than AdMob, which is by far the industry heavyweight in the mobile space, it will allow Apple to stay in competition with Google in this increasingly lucrative market. Read More about Rumor Has It: Apple Looking to Acquire AdMob Competitor

Paltalk Picks Up Virtual Phone Service Vumber

Paltalk, an online video chat firm, announced today that it has acquired Vumber, a virtual phone service, in an effort to capture additional revenues by offering virtual phone numbers to existing subscribers. The deal could provide Paltalk with additional features to bolster its existing video conferencing product, and give it a leg up against services like Skype in an industry that’s becoming increasingly competitive. Read More about Paltalk Picks Up Virtual Phone Service Vumber

VMware Ready to Challenge Microsoft With SpringSource, Cloud Foundry

[qi:gigaom_icon_cloud-computing] VMware (s vmw) has finally joined Microsoft (s msft), IBM (s ibm) and Oracle (s orcl) as one of the four horsemen in the market for platforms for building, running and managing corporate and cloud applications. With its SpringSource acquisition, VMware can now compete with specialized platform-as-a-service offerings like Microsoft’s Azure. In addition, SpringSource’s introduction of Cloud Foundry yesterday makes a crucial connection between deploying Spring-based and other Java applications in the enterprise and the cloud while giving developers an increased ability to manage their applications in a self-service mode. Read More about VMware Ready to Challenge Microsoft With SpringSource, Cloud Foundry

Nuclear Catfight: Exelon, NRG Take Tussle Public

One of the unintended but still entertaining side effects of deflated market caps is the corporate catfight.
As of yesterday, we have a promising one being performed in the energy sector: After a few weeks of gentle pawing at smaller rival NRG Energy, industry giant Exelon has gone hostile. NRG rebuffed the $6.1 billion tender offer Exelon made last month, so Exelon CEO John Rowe responded with a polite letter that ended on an unvarnished threat:

We are fully prepared to negotiate with the new board following the 2009 NRG annual meeting of shareholders.

That’s corporate-speak for: It’s on.
Read More about Nuclear Catfight: Exelon, NRG Take Tussle Public