NSA scandal: Spain targeted, Obama “knew” of Merkel bug, and Japan wouldn’t aid China tap

The weekend brought a spate of updates in the ongoing NSA saga. German media reported that Barack Obama had known about the tapping of Angela Merkel’s phone for years despite claiming he hadn’t, prompting fresh denials from Washington. Der Spiegel also published a detailed look at the American agency’s Berlin spying tactics.

Meanwhile El Mundo reported that the NSA had recorded phone call details of millions of Spaniards, and the Kyodo news agency said Japan had rebuffed U.S. requests in 2011 to tap fiberoptic cables going through Japan to China.

U.S. may have bugged German chancellor’s mobile phone

Germany’s leader, Angela Merkel, has confronted U.S. president Barack Obama over the likely tapping of her communications. The White House has said the U.S. “is not monitoring and will not monitor” her communications, but has not denied doing so in the past.