Free Collaboration and Online Meetings–for Windows or the Mac

Do you currently pay for an online meeting solution such as WebEx? If so, the number of free competitors is growing rapidly, and many of them have most of the features of the higher end online meeting products. My latest favorite is Yuuguu which is available in a free beta version for Windows users, and there is a beta for Mac users.

Yuuguu is ideal for a group of web workers who collaborate all day with each other and want to be able to share each other’s desktops or meet online. It’s also very easy to use if you want a free way to remotely control a PC or Mac when you’re traveling.

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Lenovo X61 Tablet: first impressions from Warner

Lenovo_x61_tablet_pcWarner’s been playing with a new Lenovo X61 Tablet PC over the weekend and I can tell from his first impressions that this device is a real screamer in the performance department. That’s nice to see since in the early tablet years, one of the valid complaints revolved around marginal hardware specs for some tablets. If you want a solid performer in a tablet, you’ll want to read Warner’s thoughts and follow along for future benchmarks.

Ironically, I was surprised at both the boot and sleep times that Warner witnessed. Make no mistake, they’re much shorter times than the X60, which is the predecessor to the X61. While it all depends on what apps you have installed, have running or set to run at Start, my Q1P actually whoops the times Warner is seeing on the X61. He’s witnessed cold boot times of three minutes while going into or coming out of Sleep mode is 15 seconds. My Q1P is booting around 90 seconds, sleeping in three to five seconds and waking in under 2 seconds; I suspect after some optimization, Warner will see much better times. Regardless, the X61 sounds like a nice package for people wanting a convertible Tablet PC without sacrificing performance!

Technorati Only Has Eyes for YouTube

Search engine Technorati, which has made its name on blogs, launched an overhaul of its site today. The biggest change is a simplified front page that now emphasizes popular videos, with blogs and music playing second and third fiddle, respectively.


The new look and video-forward approach might help the site appeal to a broader audience, but it’s really just a facelift. Technorati hasn’t updated its video search to include more than YouTube; the “Videos” tab simply redirects to its old page, which has been up for quite a while now. Indexes from competing services such as AOL’s SearchVideo, blinkx, and Dabble have a lot more variety.

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Businessbib- when you have to look your best for that video conference

BusinessbibWe all know that those who work at home sit around in their bathrobes all day at the computer, hair disheveled, unshowered, and generally looking awful.  Occasionally even work at home types have to go on camera for that important video conference and it’s important to project a professional appearance for the attendees.  What’s a slacker to do?  Why, put on the Businessbib, of course!  The Businessbib is a half suit that makes the wearer look professional from the chest up.  Think of it like a very lazy way to project that super image you have of yourself to your coworkers. Oh it will make you look buff like this guy, too. Yeah, right. 

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Consumer, Not God is a DJ

My column from Business 2.0 has generated a ton of debate, and emails. Rags Gupta over at Digital Music News, is taking me to task. In my defense I present this data from comScore, which helps make my point. Ten years, streaming radio has gained at best 6 million listeners. And that during a time when we could not slice and dice the music, or what I like to call, “my music my way!” Anyway back to Rags argument, which is something like this, “Om thinks that streaming radio is separate from podcasting, I consider them to be separate faces of the same “IP-enabled Radio” coin, if you will, and not mutually exclusive.” Well, the key difference is that some deejay is defining my list, but in podcasting and subscription music services, I am the deejay.