TiVo Adds Jaman, CinemaNow

Written by Adrian Covert.

Following previous revelations that TiVo would be teaming up with CinemaNow to provide users with Disney movie rentals straight from their DVRs, they appear ready to unleash that content to the public, with digital film provider Jaman.com also along for the ride. Rentals from CinemaNow will be available next week for $2.99, while content from Jaman.com is available now for $1.99, with a 24-hour rental period for both. CinemaNow will only offer Disney rentals on TiVo for now, but plan to include movies from other studios in the near future. A number of shorts and full-length movies on Jaman.com are also available for free.
Contrary to previous promises of HD, movies only come in standard definition and include Disney classics like Dumbo, major blockbuster films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, and independent favorites including Supersize Me. With the current streaming media arms race going on between electronics companies, TiVo is actively trying to differentiate itself from competitors as more than just a DVR.
Adrian Covert is a San Francisco-based tech journalist and television addict.

Ex-Googlers Ready to Start a VC Fund

[qi:026] The slow and steady exodus of executives from Google (GOOG) has been in progress for a while now. Today, two senior members of the corporate development team left Googleplex for good, to start a new venture fund, Merus Capital.

Salman Ullah, Google’s vice president of corporate development; Sean Dempsey, principal at Google’s corporate development group and Peter Hsing, a general manager of corporate strategy at Microsoft have teamed up to start this new fund.

The news first reported by VentureBeat as Copper River Ventures. The fund is going to focus on small early stage deals. Of course, it helps that like Ullah and Dempsey, many Googlers are leaving the company to rev-up their own start-ups. Merus, which means pure in latin, could be assured of a steady deal flow.