Want to reinvent TV? Don’t forget the TV

The future of TV may not be about apps, second screens and over-the-top at all but about new types of screens that fill entire walls and work together in a modular fashion. And the TV of the future may be a bit like your dog.

New Wi-Fi standard means better vehicle support, improved cell handoff

The ubiquitous Wi-Fi standard officially improved on Monday, with the IEEE publishing its fourth revision to 802.11. The updates include faster throughput, improved cellular hand-offs, and communication between vehicles in addition to other improvements. One marketable standard could help with consumer education and purchase decisions.

7 Technologies to Solve the Spectrum Crisis

Demand for mobile data appears to outstrip the supply of spectrum available to provide Facebook or streaming video on our phones and tablets. However, we are ignoring some very promising technological solutions that could turn the spectrum crunch into a capital spending bonanza by telecommunications companies.