Here is why Cisco bought Meraki for $1.2 billion in cash

Meraki, a San Francisco-based company that came out of MIT Roofnet project, has been acquired by Cisco for $1.2 billion in cash. With $100 million in bookings for 2012, Meraki was reflection of the growing demand for WiFi in a smartphone & tablet infested world

How Phone-Powered Mesh Networks Could Help in Egypt

With a complete shut-down of Internet access in Egypt, the next drastic step would be the closure of voice communication networks. But researchers in Australia have demonstrated the use of mesh networks on smartphones, which enable voice calls in areas without a working cellular infrastructure.

Will Software or Sensors Win in Data Center Efficiency?

When it comes to helping data centers save energy, green data companies have a few options — through software, wireless sensors or a hybrid of both. Which is the winning combination? After looking at three different startups in this market, it seems technology matters less than how quickly the big boys adopt you.

Ruckus Kicks Up a Fuss Over Wi-Fi

If Ruckus Wireless wins a recently filed lawsuit against Netgear, the Wi-Fi tech developer might want to send a thank-you note to the Patent and Trademark Office. Ruckus sued Netgear and another wireless network developer, Rayspan, in federal court this week, claiming that Netgear infringed on two of its patents. The PTO issued Ruckus one of those patents last year; the second patent was issued just three weeks ago.

Ruckus says in a legal filing that both patents hold innovative technologies that helped make Ruckus “the success that it is today.” If the federal court finds that Netgear and Rayspan infringed on either one, the court could halt sales of a new Netgear wireless router. So the issuance of the second patent could really help Ruckus in court, the same way a second big gun could help a warrior on the battlefield. Read More about Ruckus Kicks Up a Fuss Over Wi-Fi

Meraki Listens, Makes Tiny Changes

[qi:011] Meraki Networks, the Mountain View, Calif.-based company that makes mesh networking gear is listening to its community, and tweaking its new three tier business model in an effort to appease some of their customers. We were among the first to bring attention to the brewing discontent.

Meraki had boosted prices of their hardware and had incorporated some other ad-related initiatives that didn’t sit well with some of their customers who fell in the “Pro” category. In a comment following our previous post, Meraki CEO and co-founder Sanjit Biswas outlined his reasons for a newer Pro tier and price increases. This evening he wrote to us and let us know that Meraki made some changes.

(more customization/control, support for local community sponsorships, optional ads on Pro) which seem to have satisfied most of the upset customers.

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