MetaWatch smartwatch now smarter: supports iOS and Bluetooth 4

MetaWatch announced two key improvements for its smartwatch development platform in an effort to better compete with up-and-comer products. The MetaWatch now has support to get wireless data from iOS devices and also aims for better battery life with the addition of a Bluetooth 4.0 radio.

New iPod nano no threat to smartwatches … yet.

Although the new iPod nano took a back seat to the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, it did gain a software update and could morph into a smartwatch of the future. Should competing products such as the MetaWatch and Live View be worried? Not just yet.

Meta Watch smartwatch, platform breaks out from Fossil

The Meta Watch team, as well as the business assets and IP, have broken off from Fossil to further develop the connected watch platform. The focus of the private company is unchanged: To create an open, wireless platform for wearable, information at a glance.

What the Smart Watch of the Future Taught Me

There are many visions of what a smart watch ought to do, but the more functionality added, the more complex and disruptive the technology can be. That lesson becomes more evident each day I wear the MetaWatch prototype, which is saving me time every day.