Google Gets Semantic: Buys Metaweb

Google today announced it had acquired Metaweb Technologies, the ambitious startup building a database of all the web’s information called Freebase. Metaweb was yet another semantic web startup before its time, but with the help of Google it can potentially make a much bigger impact.

PeoplePad Keeping Mum on Semantic Plans

Last week I ran into Troy Lane Williams, founder of PeoplePad, a stealthy Austin-based startup that’s creating some kind of front-end portal for the semantic web. I have no idea what the finished product will look like, but Williams’ previous startup experience has colored PeoplePad’s product and its formation.

Williams may be familiar to readers who recall his involvement in Questia, the pre-Google Books, subscription-based online library that launched in 2001 with $150 million in backing. Questia is still in business, but Williams left in May 2007.

Wisdom from Williams includes: