Poll: If Microsoft builds its own tablet, will you buy it?

Speculation has begun that Microsoft will launch its own tablet device on Monday, but will it be a full computer or a consumer device? No matter what’s announced, it could have implications regarding Windows partnerships and the public’s desire, or lack thereof, to buy Microsoft hardware.

Why Microsoft’s Metro UI could slowly kill Android

Microsoft’s effort to merge the Windows Phone look and feel with Windows 8 will pay off in the form of causing Google Android to “fade away” says a mobile market watcher. That’s possible because Microsoft — and Apple, as well — have something that Google doesn’t.

Windows Phone 7 Lands Next Week: What You Need To Know

Microsoft announced a press event next week to launch Windows Phone 7, the highly anticipated platform to help Microsoft regain prominence in the smartphone market. Here’s a run-down on what you can expect from the new devices, who will carry them and what they can do.