T-Mobile reports largest growth in four years

T-Mobile on Thursday posted its second-quarter earnings results, including 1.1 million new customers in the second quarter of 2013. The iPhone accounted for nearly a third of sales.

It’s quickly official: T-Mobile and MetroPCS agree to merge

A deal between T-Mobile and MetroPCS combines 42.5 million customers, which keeps T-Mobile behind Sprint in terms of subscribers, but it creates two opportunities: A wider, faster rollout of LTE services with more spectrum and a chance for Deutsche Telekom to eventually leave the U.S.

T-Mobile grows but its lack of iPhone is still a problem

T-Mobile is still struggling after its planned acquisition by AT&T fell through. In the first full quarter after the proposed merger was scuttled, the nation’s fourth largest carrier managed to gain only 187,000 customers; most from lower revenue businesses, such as prepaid and M2M.

Sprint, MetroPCS were “hours away” from now-dead $8B deal

MetroSprint? MetroPCS came within “hours” of joining forces with Sprint, according to a report, before the deal was killed by Sprint’s board. The $8 billion deal would have seen further consolidation in the wireless industry, but would have been tough sledding.

Why LTE sucks (your battery, that is)

LTE phones are the fastest things on the airwaves, but they can also suck a battery dry in a few hours. Here are five reasons why your new Samsung Galaxy Nexus or HTC Vivid is going dead right after lunch time.