Tuning in the future of OTT video

Co-opting over-the-top services and whatever other functionality is supported by a set-top — like gaming — into a single, seamless experience for their own subscription service could give pay-TV providers greater leverage with content owners in their increasingly pitched battles over programming costs.

Today in Connected Consumer

Mediatech Capital Partners Porter Bibb said yesterday that Verizon is “very serious” about making a bid for Netflix, sending shares of the streaming and DVD rental company up sharply on the day. Other analysts are not so sure, however. Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter calls a Verizon/Netflix deal “highly unlikely,” noting that the Netflix board could never accept a bid of $100 a share, the purported neighborhood for a Verizon offer, when the stock was recently trading over $300. Janney analyst Tony Wible notes that any buyer would have to calculate not just the price of Netflix’s current equity but the cost of its future content commitments, which would raise the price significantly. Investors appear still to be weighing the options. The stock was up this morning but not only about 1 percent.

Wii Fit on Track to Outsell GTA IV This Year

The market for video games is changing profoundly, and a comparison of two prominent titles’ recent sales figures shows just how much: Wii Fit, a game largely marketed to women, is outpacing the latest installment of one of the industry’s biggest franchises, Grand Theft Auto.