Embattled MP3Tunes cloud locker files for bankruptcy

Michael Robertson’s cloud music service MP3Tunes has quietly filed for bankruptcy protection at the end of April. Robertson blamed the lengthy legal fight with major label EMI for the bankruptcy, alleging that the music biz regularly destroys startups with drawn-out litigation.

Is It Legal To TiVo The Radio?

Univision, the Spanish-language media giant, has opened a new front in the long-running battle over where and how people can make copies of…

Why Michael Robertson of Mp3Tunes deserves our gratitude

The recent decision in the copyright case against Mp3Tunes is only the latest skirmish in a battle founder Michael Robertson has been fighting with the music industry for over a decade. Without him, we might not have many of the things we take for granted today.

Cloud Music Pioneer Glad Amazon Has Joined the Party

How does the founder of cloud-music service Mp3tunes feel about Amazon joining the party? “Bring it on,” he says. Michael Robertson also believes Amazon’s entry could have legal consequences, since it is playing fast and loose with the terms of its licenses from the record labels.

Michael Robertson Launches Cloud-Based Radio DVR

Michael Robertson’s new cloud service Dar.fm makes it possible to remotely record shows from hundreds of radio stations and then stream these recordings to mobile phones and other devices. Robertson is currently fighting with the music industry in court, and Dar.fm may also face some resistance.