Skype’s Plan B to Stay in Business: Buy Gizmo5

Folks at Skype might be getting a tad desperate in their prolonged fight with JoltID, the intellectual property company controlled by the Skype founders — Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis. And that’s why they might be looking to buy Gizmo5, a SIP-based calling service started by technology provocateur Michael Robertson. It’s rumored that the company might be taken out by Skype for about $50 million. The rationale behind buying Gizmo5 would be pretty simple. Read More about Skype’s Plan B to Stay in Business: Buy Gizmo5

Gizmo5 Founder: Skype-for-SIP Is Vaporware

ceomichaelrobertson002jpgMichael Robertson, founder of Gizmo5, which recently released a service that enables free calls to Skype called OpenSky, calls the new Skype-for SIP service vaporware.

It’s great to see Skype inching towards a more interoperable world with their Skype for SIP service. Even if this is complete vaporware at least their heart is in the right direction. Last year they announced Skype for Asterisk which is still not yet released and it’s unclear what the pricing will be. Skype For SIP is similar in that it is not yet available and pricing details are murky but both are steps in the right direction.

Hard to dismiss Michael’s argument, though one has to point out that Skype for SIP does impact his business. Fellow VoIP Blogger Tom Keating heard from a Skype spokesperson:

“The product is available now. It’s using the same Skype technology that has been tested & deployed for the last 5 years. He’s saying December 2009 – that’s not the case.”

(Head-to-head comparison between two services below the fold.) Read More about Gizmo5 Founder: Skype-for-SIP Is Vaporware

Gizmo5 Launches OpenSky, Free Service to Call Skype From Any VoIP Phone

Gizmo5, the company behind the formerly known as SIPphone, is launching a new gateway that allows people using any VoIP service to call Skype users and vice versa. This free Skype gateway is called OpenSky. It is typical of Michael Robertson, the man behind Gizmo, to come up with a disruptive solution that removes the barriers between VoIP services and Skype. In an email, Robertson explains: Read More about Gizmo5 Launches OpenSky, Free Service to Call Skype From Any VoIP Phone

Deal Data from the Masses

Michael Robertson, the founder of and Linspire, is hoping to take the proverbial wisdom of crowds and use it for a deal wiki called…wait for it….Dealipedia. It looks like a TMZ for the Wall Street Journal set — without the fun pictures. Instead it uses filings, press releases and (this is the sexy bit) anonymous tips from users to determine who paid what for companies and how much founders made. Any enterprising lawyer (or reporter) could probably flip through the details on unreported deals and glean who the loose lips are. Happy hunting.