Kobo launches $169 ‘Porsche of e-readers’ for power users

Kobo is launching a higher-end e-reader, the $169 Aura HD, aimed at users who read several ebooks a week. While the Aura is more expensive than the competition, Kobo says its market research supports customers’ desire for such a device.

Kobo acquires French digital software company Aquafadas

E-reading company Kobo has acquired French digital software company Aquafadas in an effort to develop more digital illustrated content like comic books and magazines. Separately, the company announced new partnerships with New Zealand booksellers.

Changes for retailers as ebook revolution goes global

As North American ebook retailers Barnes & Noble and Kobo expand their presence abroad, they are seeing their businesses change. Representatives from both companies spoke about some lessons learned on Monday at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Five digital lessons from BookExpo America 2012

This week, the book industry gathered at the ugly, cavernous Javits Center in Manhattan for the largest book trade event in the United States. (“I feel like I’m in Costco,” actress-author Molly Ringwald told the AP.) Here are five digital lessons from the week.