Home Fuel Cell Maker ClearEdge to Tackle Korea

Bloom Energy may capture the lion’s share of buzz among fuel cell startups, but ClearEdge Power has generated a fair amount of business for its $50,000 stationary fuel cell systems, including a new $40 million distribution deal for the Korean market.

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MTI’s Fuel Cell Chip Beefs Up & Slims Down

Fuel cells, whether they’re made for your car or your cell phone, always seem just around the corner, but MTI MicroFuel Cells [s MKTY] hopes to put full cells in your hand soon. The company announced today that it has improved the power performance of its Mobion chip by 25 percent and decreased its size by an equal measure compared to the previous iteration. This is the third generation of the Mobion chip, which debuted at the start of 2007, but a commercial version won’t been seen until at least 2009, when the company hopes to start selling its micro fuel cell to OEMs who could put them into devices ranging from GPS units to cell phones to MP3 players. Read More about MTI’s Fuel Cell Chip Beefs Up & Slims Down

Is World of Warcraft really the most popular MMO?

Probably not, as it turns out; certainly not in the Western hemisphere, anyway. Working with publicly-known figures, veteran MMO developer Raph Koster recently made this observation on his blog:

[I]t may be possible that World of Warcraft is actually sitting around #4 or #5 in the top MMOs in North America and Europe.

This is because while Blizzard claims 8.5 million subscribers (as of January 2007) only 3.5 million are based in the West. Let’s be generous and assume the game’s recent expansion pack boosted that to 4 million– even then, WoW would be trailing far behind the top Western MMO. [digg=http://digg.com/gaming_news/Mythbusting_is_WoW_really_the_most_popular_MMO]

So which virtual world rules this region? The name will surprise you – but here is a clue: it is based in Finland, and doesn’t involve bashing Orcs in the head.
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