Blaming the tools: Britain proposes a social-media ban

It seems totalitarian states like Egypt aren’t the only ones struggling with the impact of social media and the desire to muzzle services like Twitter and Facebook. Britain says it’s considering a ban on social media in the wake of the riots in London.

Enterprise Microsharing: The Next Wave?

Everyone (at least, everyone in our corner of the world) knows about Twitter. But have you ever thought about the possibilities of setting up something Twitter-like on your own intranet? If so, you’re not alone. That’s one of the basic messages of a new comparison of enterprise microsharing tools from Pistachio Consulting.
You may have heard about some of the Twitter alternatives like Identica and Yammer. But the Pistachio team has identified a solid 20 applications in this space already – and undoubtedly there are more lurking in the wings. With this overabundance, it’s useful to have some sort of mental framework for organizing things – especially if you’re trying to decide which ones to evaluate for your own use.
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Happy Birthday GottaBeMobile!

It’s already been a year since the birthing of the best darn Tablet PC website, and it is amazing to see how far GottaBeMobile has come in just 12 short months. The ever expanding team should be proud of all they’ve accomplished.  The GBM team has grown so much that they need to use a wide-angle lens to take the team photo these days.    Way to go, guys.

Mashing the G-Maps

Google Maps mash-ups are becoming all the rage, thanks to caffeine fueled geeks. What’s most interesting is the many forms these mash-ups are taking. In Vancouver, they are using GMaps to search wireless-enabled cafes. Glenbrook Networks has launched a new mash-up that marries jobs with Google maps. (Excellent!) Folks at have unleashed a GMap of wireless hot-spots in cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and New York.

Esme should be really happy with this development. I love this Mash-up which focused on rental/sales of real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area. Talk about unintended circumstances. I think Google did not plan it this way, but it happened.

By the way, here is an easy guide to building your won GMap mash-up. Google has finally released an API for developers to use the maps without hacking them. Ryan MacCarthy writes and explains, “With Google’s new API, there is likely to be a lot more innovation from a lot more people now that the platform has opened up. MetroFreeFi is one of the first web sites to use the new API in large scale (as opposed to smaller, experimental efforts)… ”

Ryan posted a synopsis of the same though on Slashdot, which points to other mash-ups like chicago crime. EVDO Coverage had a neat one on congestion on EVDO networks (already… looking pretty bad!)