Huddle tries to reel in big fish with unlimited deal

Cloud collaboration service Huddle is targeting huge corporate customers, bringing them a new tier of service that allows an unlimited number of users for no extra charge. Can it help win new business and take on the industry’s biggest beasts?

Today in Social

Steve Ballmer gets a pretty generous cover story in BusinessWeek. It’s a fun read, but I don’t see much in the way of evidence that Microsoft has its mojo back. Yes, it has a pretty strong product lineup, and Kinect’s innovations could carry farther into the living room. But in NewNet technologies like social media, search and real-time, Microsoft isn’t showing much. I said the company might be one to watch in connected work this year, and every now and then I think Microsoft will build an ad network for Facebook. SharePoint is horribly complex and third parties are doing some of the innovating on top of it. But that’s sort of how a tech platform is supposed to work. If only Microsoft could build a more efficient marketplace around it – and maybe Skype could play a role in a grand unified communications scheme. We’re all watching.

Today in Cloud

Once upon a time, HP was going to be a lighthouse example of Microsoft’s Cloud, Windows Azure. Then they were going to sort of, kind of, possibly build their own. Then they were all-in with OpenStack (plus odd proprietary twiddly bits). And now they’re back in bed with Microsoft, playing to the security fears of big business CIOs by offering private clouds to run Microsoft tools like Exchange and Sharepoint. HP may, actually, still be doing all of these things, from Azure through OpenStack to this latest venture. But, if so, they’re doing a truly dreadful job of painting a coherent picture of their various cloud activities. Someone needs to make me an Infographic.

Skyfire Browser Updated for Windows Mobile

I am enjoying playing with the HTC HD2 and was happy to get word that the Skyfire browser had been updated for Windows Mobile (s msft). I grabbed it right away and am impressed with how well the browser has evolved. The new version has a full screen mode that maximizes the screen for the content — something that the giant display on the HD2 really can take advantage of.

Skyfire takes advantage of server-side page rendering, so it can display Flash (s adbe) and Silverlight content right in the browser where it belongs. The new version has a sleek interface and supports touch screens better than before. If you are using Skyfire then be sure and get the update, it’s free.

Why We Are Cautious About Google’s Wave

We’re being cautious about Google’s Wave, and for good reason. It’s not that we don’t believe in the technology. But when something is described as game-changing and the greatest thing since sliced bread, it behooves one to really pause and think about it. And at this point, we have more questions than answers about this product.

Jive Software Dreams of an IPO

(Updated) Portland-based Jive Software, an enterprise collaboration software company we have covered in the past is dreaming of an IPO, perhaps as early next year, CMO Sam Lawrence tells John Cook. The 90-person, six-year-old company is hoping to close out 2007 with revenues of about $17 million. Jive’s main competitor is Microsoft’s SharePoint.
PS: Sam Lawrence left a comment that points out I miss the nuance, mostly because of what I read on John’s blog.