IPL Cricket’s Online Video Offering Is An Epic Fail

ipl-logoYesterday, I wrote about Indian Premier League’s Twenty20 Cricket tournament for NewTeeVee. The big news was that the Indian professional cricket league championship (now in its second year) would be using Microsoft’s (s MSFT) Silverlight multimedia technology. Given the wild popularity of this ultra short-form of the sport, it was a good comeback for Microsoft, which was unceremoniously dropped by MLB.com in favor of the incumbent Adobe Flash. Well, as luck would have it, the Microsoft-IPL partnership got off to a disastrous start. Read More about IPL Cricket’s Online Video Offering Is An Epic Fail

What’s Wrong With MLB.com?


MLB Game Broadcast Freezes Firefox Bowser

Tech publications today are having a bit of a lovefest with Major League Baseball’s web site, MLB.com. It’s because it’s the start of baseball season — for die-hard fans, the most important day of the year. And given how mobile we are here in America, many of us follow our teams from afar.
The Internet, of course, has made that easy, and as a result, MLB.com has become a part of every hardcore fan’s daily life for everything from checking scores to reading blogs, but mostly for watching live games. Every year I fork over a lot of money to see the games I absolutely can’t live without. And every year, MLB.com has done a good job of enhancing that experience.
Except this year — for the last three days, I’ve been trying to get their video service to work, with little or no success. Read More about What’s Wrong With MLB.com?