Peter Chernin joins Twitter board. Why?

Twitter is changing its board again – and this time it is adding Peter Chernin, one time News Corp executive and the architect of Hulu, to its board. Chernin’s social media credentials are lower than my baseball batting average, so it is all about advertising & money!

The new era of startups focused on design

Startups that are focused on design are emerging as the web and mobile industry’s most successful companies. What does it take to make a commitment to design? Mike McCue, Flipboard’s co-founder and CEO has some ideas.

Flipboard launches slick iPhone app

Flipboard, which made its name with a slick iPad app, is now branching out. The company is announcing a brand new iPhone app that is slick, sticky and addictive. The game plan, according to CEO Mike McCue, is to take attention away from the old-fashioned browser.

Flipboard is trying to reinvent media for the tablet age

Flipboard was created out of a desire to reinvent media consumption for a digital and tablet age, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help existing publications repair their damaged business models, editorial director Josh Quittner told attendees at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco on Monday.