New Twists In Facebook Timeline Drama

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Facebook’s new Timeline, the feature that will replace user profiles with a chronological digital scrapbo…

Facebook gets a big infrastructure boost for Timeline

Facebook is putting its already immense infrastructure through an unprecedented stress test, says the social network’s vice president of engineering. That’s because the new Timeline feature takes multiple data inputs — from status updates to your songs on Spotify — and turns them into a daily journal.

Facebook Users Spend 8 Billion Minutes/Day on the Site

facebook_head_6_smallFacebook’s 300 million users collectively spend more than 8 billion minutes on the site each day, according to the social network’s VP of engineering, Mike Schroepfer. He offered up the number onstage at the Web 2.0 Summit Wednesday as proof of the infrastructure challenges the social network faces relative to other web sites. On a busy day, an eye-popping 1.2 million photos are served on Facebook each second, he added.

And the more than 15,000 sites that have integrated Facebook Connect mean the site has API demands it has to address, too. Facebook was accessed via its API 5 billion times yesterday alone, according to Schroepfer. Read More about Facebook Users Spend 8 Billion Minutes/Day on the Site