Kleiner Perkins wants startups to net top-notch summer interns

Exclusive: There are lots of great summer internships at Silicon Valley startups. But top engineering students often pass them up for the money and name recognition companies like Google can provide. So Kleiner Perkins has partnered with InternMatch to attract top-flight students to its portfolio companies.

Supporting Millennials in the enterprise

We surveyed 400 of the newest generation, the Millennials, ages 20 through 29, on their attitudes and behavior around at-work technology and tech support, communications preferences and problem-solving styles. Here are the trends IT needs to address to make these workers productive and avoid potential problems.

New York takes its engineering talent crunch to the NYSE floor

The effort to solve New York’s engineering talent crunch is coming to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in a major recruiting event hosted by Next Jump and the NYSE. The event will bring together 500 top East Coast engineering students and 50 companies.

What makes Millennials click?

If you want to reach the Millennial generation, it’s probably a good idea to use the Internet. But according to new research from MTV, companies run the risk of alienating their target audience if they go about social media marketing in the wrong way.

For Millennials, Social Media Is Not All Fun and Games

It’s not exactly news that the Millennial Generation (loosely defined as people born between 1980 and 2000) spend a lot of time on websites like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. But according to recent research findings, the constant social networking isn’t all fun and games.

Does Facebook Have a Fatal Cultural Problem?

Has Facebook failed to evolve along with the core of its user base, and could that spell doom for the social network? In a blog post at the Harvard Business Review site, professor Bruce Nussbaum argues that it has, and it could. But is he right?