Cohuman + Mindjet = Idea management from inception to execution

A year ago at Net: Work 2010 the audience crowned social task management product Cohuman with the people’s choice award. The company was also a Future Ideas Launchpad finalist. So what’s happened to the company since it made a big splash at last year’s conference?

MindJet Catalyst: Real-Time Collaboration in Mind Maps

Mindjet Catalyst brings mind mapping features and functionality to the cloud. Using Catalyst, dispersed teams can co-edit mind maps in real-time, which not only lets team members share information, but can also boost understanding and stimulate more creative and critical thinking.

LucidChart Takes Cloud-Based Diagram Collaboration Offline

One of the problems with most cloud collaboration apps is that you need to have an Internet connection in order to do your work. LucidChart, a web-based visual communication and diagramming app that offers real-time collaboration, has announced that it is now providing offline capabilities.

Project Management Tools: Beyond Gantt Charts

In my career as a contract technical writer, a project management pain point I’ve seen time and time again is in the communications of project schedules and status. The venerable Gantt chart is a project management staple, but stakeholders without formal project management training may find them difficult to understand.

When I’ve run up against clients and project stakeholders who didn’t understand (or want to understand) a Gantt chart, I take a consultative approach and work with them to see how they want to receive project scheduling and related status information. I believe that as a remote worker, any project scheduling and status data I communicate back to my employer or client has to stand on its own, without the need for further explanation by me.

In this post I am going to round up some alternatives to Gantt charts that I’ve used to communicate project scheduling and related information. Read More about Project Management Tools: Beyond Gantt Charts

WWD Interview: MindJet CEO, Scott Raskin

Scott RaskinToday sees the release of MindJet Catalyst, the latest edition of MindJet’s mind mapping software. A few days ago, I had the chance to talk to MindJet’s CEO, Scott Raskin, about the new release, his perspective on mind mapping software and where the company is headed.

Imran: It’s almost a year since we covered MindManager, what can you tell us about the newly released Mindjet Catalyst — what’s new and what’s the migration path for existing users? Read More about WWD Interview: MindJet CEO, Scott Raskin

Create Mind Maps on the Go With MindJet for iPhone

MindJet_LogoMeryl recently wrote about the benefits of developing mind maps with pen and paper. However, what about those of us who are cursed with poor penmanship and want to develop mind maps on the go without having to carry around paper and a pen?

One option is MindJet for iPhone, a very easy-to-use mind mapping app. It also works with the iPod touch (s aapl) and is available for download from the iTunes Store for $7.99. Read More about Create Mind Maps on the Go With MindJet for iPhone

Quick Tip: Increase iPhone Typing Speed & Accuracy

One day while walking and texting I had a revelation: I discovered an entirely new way to type on the iPhone (s aapl) and cannot believe that it had not occurred to me earlier. My old method of typing, which I am guessing is how most people type on the iPhone, involved me looking at the letters that I was typing, not at what I was actually writing.

Now, I “touch type” when I’m typing. Instead of looking at the letters when I type, I look at where I am typing (exactly like I do on my computer). This method has drastically improved both my typing speed and accuracy. Before I switched to my touch-typing method, I would send SMS messages riddled with mistakes because the iPhone would auto-correct words and often times change the entire meaning of the message. You should definitely give it a whirl; it sounds more difficult than it actually is, your hands just know where the keys are though, and it takes no time to adjust! Read More about Quick Tip: Increase iPhone Typing Speed & Accuracy

Discovery: Full-Episode Streaming Over Our Dead Bodies

While paying lip service to Hulu is something even its non-partners like CBS (s CBS) do on a regular basis, long-form distribution of TV shows is still a surprisingly controversial idea for some. Discovery Communications (s DISCA) in particular advocates a strategy that could be described as the opposite of Hulu.
Discovery CEO and President David Zaslav said in an on-stage interview at the NAB Show in Las Vegas today that he didn’t see an economic model for free web distribution of long-form content. He said he’d only distribute episodes online if circumstances forced him to, and so far the numbers aren’t significant enough. “If people start watching content on mobile phones and on the web in droves, we will have to go there or we will lose market share.”
I asked him off-stage when that day might be, and his response was an emphatic “Hopefully never!” He described a la carte online content consumption, where fans identify more with shows than the channels they run on, as the antithesis of Discovery’s niche brand strategy.
Read More about Discovery: Full-Episode Streaming Over Our Dead Bodies

MindJet and the World of Mind-Mapping

Though my Dad is a clever chap – an old school Maker –  he never had the chance at a higher education and as a consequence would force me to watch historical and educational shows as a kid. One of these were the televised lectures of Edward de Bono, where I first heard learned about mind maps and what are now commonly considered as ‘mind hacks.’
Mind mapping tools inhabit a curious boundary between tools that need to be as fluid and unstructured as doodling with a pencil and those that can harness the structural and processing power of computers to enhance the creative and mental processses.
Mind mapping tools range from the GTD-like methodologies of the Compendium Institute, to the opensource FreeMind and lightweight knowledge management such as DeepMehta; incidentally mind-mapping guru Peter Russell has created a useful roundup of tools.
MindJet’s MindManager 8
One of the more prominent companies in the space is MindJet, who today released the latest edition of their flagship tool, MindManager 8. With the new release, the company is seeking to integrate mind mapping into user’s existing workflows and help create mechanisms for collaboration.
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