iPhone Mind Mapping App MindMeister Now Free For the Holidays

Looking for a full-featured tool to create mind maps tool to use on the go? Popular iPhone mind mapping app MindMeister, which previously cost $6.99, is free for a limited time over the holidays. It works well as a mobile companion for the web app.

MindNode (touch): MindNode Comes to the iPhone

After lamenting the lack of mind mapping applications for the iPhone (s aapl), recent weeks have seen the launch of MindJet for iPhone, MindMeister and latterly, the iPhone/iPod touch edition of another mind mapping app we’ve covered previously, Markus Müller’s MindNode.

MindNode (touch) shares the simplicity and elegance of the desktop version, leading to an effortless but powerful user experience.

The app can stand alone from its desktop counterpart, matching it feature-for-feature and providing a productive mobile working environment. Maps can be created and edited fully on the device and imported and exported between various open formats. The iPhone’s standard search, cut & paste and landscape modes are all supported. Read More about MindNode (touch): MindNode Comes to the iPhone