Games for the weekend: Mini Motor Racing

Mini Motor Racing and Mini Motor Racing HD are excellent top-down racing games from The Binary Mill. A good racing game requires three main features to come together: vehicle control, a variety of challenging courses and a heart-thumping soundtrack. Plus, it offers great multiplayer gameplay.

10 Electric 2-Wheelers You Can Buy

While the market for electric vehicles will take years to go mainstream, electric scooters, motorcycles and bikes are being sold at a break-neck pace, in part thanks to China’s booming market. Here’s 10 electric 2-wheelers you can buy.

Apple Hardware Longevity

I don’t think I’ve ever had a device as throughly beaten as this old Mini. So, imagine my surprise when, after months of neglect and mistreatment, the Mini powered on and filled my daughter’s room with music once more.

Apple Releases Performance Update, Fixes Hard Drive Stalls


Apple has released what it calls “Performance Update 1.0,” an update to its Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and 10.6 (Snow Leopard) operating systems for selected iMacs and MacBooks.

As Apple describes it — in typically brief fashion — in its Support pages, “This update addresses intermittent hard drive related pauses reported by a small number of customers.”

Gotta love those detailed descriptions!

The update may be related to an EFI Firmware Update in June that some MacBook owners suspect was the cause of intermittent crashes and system freezes. This latest update may well put these problems to rest once and for all, except there’s something interesting about the name…that 1.0 suffix hints at the possibility of further revisions to come. A “Performance Update, Update” perhaps? Read More about Apple Releases Performance Update, Fixes Hard Drive Stalls

Vid-Biz: Blockbuster, GlideTV, Vivu

TiVo Gets Blockbuster On Demand; users can rent popular new release movies a la carte. (release)

GlideTV Launches the “Couch Mouse;” combines keyboard, mouse and AV remote functionality into a small handheld device for those connecting their PCs or PC-like devices to their TV. (GlideTV)

ViVu Raises $3 Million; Series A for the virtual video webcast and collaboration platform. (GigaOM)

Bewkes: NBComcast Not a Great Idea; Time Warner CEO likens the Comcast takeover to his own company’s merger with AOL. (MediaMemo)

Amino Communications Develops IPTV Set-top Box; uses the Atom Processor CE4100 and can deliver digital video from any TV source including over the top. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Glee Gains Big With DVR Factored In; musical show hops up 12 spots to rank No. 25 for Adults 18 – 49 during premiere week. (TV by the Numbers)

PSP Minis Will Be Like iPhone Apps, Only Neutered

psp_go_handWhen I first heard that some of the first PSP Minis out the gate would be ported iPhone apps, I admittedly got a little bit excited imagining the competitive power of iPhone games on a platform with actual physical hardware controls. Turns out I should’ve reserved judgment.

First, as you may have seen, Minis will be limited to games only, so that’s a whole vast uncontested field left open for the iPod touch. That was bad enough, but now it looks like Minis will only be pale shadow versions of their former selves by the time they hit the PSP. For Minis, both wireless multiplayer and DLC or feature updating will be completely forbidden. Read More about PSP Minis Will Be Like iPhone Apps, Only Neutered

iPhone Apps Set to Appear as Downloadable PSP “Minis”

pspgoThose of us interested in the gaming community, as well as in all things Apple (s aapl), are probably aware that Sony (s sne) is set to introduce the PSPgo, a UMD-less follow-up to its PlayStation Portable handheld gaming device. The PSPgo will rely on downloadable, rather than disc or cartridge-based media, like a certain phone/media player from our beloved Apple. One might say they’re poised to compete with one another.

According to news released today, that assumption appears to be right on the money. Sony announced 15 launch titles for its PSP Mini line, with Minis being the equivalent of the iPhone’s apps. Minis will be available to all PSPs, not just the new PSPgo, but the downloadable titles are clearly designed to bolster sales of the new hardware. You’ll recognize at least a few of those titles, including Fieldrunners and Hero of Sparta, from the App Store. Read More about iPhone Apps Set to Appear as Downloadable PSP “Minis”

Suit Alleges Apple in Bed With the Mafia


In a bizarre story over at Ars Technica that seems like the plot of a terrible mafioso movie, a man named Gregory McKenna is claiming that Apple (s aapl) knowingly colluded with the Mafia (and various governmental agencies) to help them threaten him with death via his iPod mini. According to McKenna, it is apparently fairly standard practice for Apple to add receivers and transmitters to its portable media players as a special service for organized crime.

Apple attracts its own fair share of wacko legal action, but this one is so intricate in its level of detail that it deserves a closer look, if only to admire the craftsmanship. McKenna believes that not one, but two separate iPods contained Mafia bugs. One, a Shuffle he picked up on eBay (s ebay), makes a little sense, since it would be easy to tamper with the hardware after the fact, if the Mafia was really committed to doing so. Read More about Suit Alleges Apple in Bed With the Mafia

Daily Sprout

Obama on Cybersecurity and the Smart Grid: The White House today published a road map for fixing U.S. cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and called for the U.S. to “implement, for high-value activities (e.g., the Smart Grid), an opt-in array of interoperable identity management systems to build trust for online transactions and to enhance privacy.” — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Green Building’s Legal Risks: A new study from the Harvard Law School’s Environmental Law & Policy Clinic warns that green building presents a new set of legal questions and risks. For example, what happens if a project fails to garner expected tax breaks from the government? — NYT’s Green Inc.

China’s Got Game: Top U.S. climate negotiator Todd Stern said today that China, like all other major economies, must be “in the game” for an international treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. — Bloomberg

First Electric Mini Goes to Peter Trepp: Venture capitalist Peter Trepp has received the first set of keys for an electric version of the Mini as part of a U.S. test fleet set to include hundreds of vehicles. He’ll be blogging about his experience driving the car over the next year. — Press Release

Magnificent Michigan?: Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm said on a panel about renewable energy with T. Boone Pickens yesterday that the state’s push for renewable energy will help create jobs, clean up the environment and help make the state’s economy “magnificent.” — The Detroit News