Receipt tracker Lemon hits 1 million users, adds Mint-like features

Lemon, a personal spending tracker service, has proven pretty popular with 1 million users signing up in less than four months. Now, the company is looking to go beyond just receipt storage into Mint territory with an update that helps categorize and total up spending.

Why Mint on Android tablets could boost its user base

Mint’s financial management app for Android makes the move from phones to tablets on Wednesday. The software offers the same functionality as Mint’s iPad app, which is experiencing much higher take-up rates on tablets compared to smartphones. Here’s why Mint hopes for the same on Android.

Founder of Mint closes project on alternative urban transport

The founder of, Aaron Patzer, has been researching alternative urban transportation under a company called Swift over the past six months but has determined that the personal maglev system he had been envisioning is not economically viable for a company to produce.

Lessons in Failure: The Startup Post-Mortem

If you’re looking for tips on what not to do with your startup, reading about the failure of someone else’s company can be a good place to start. Today, it was entrepreneur Ben Yoskovitz’s turn to write about the recent failure of his startup, Standout Jobs.

Mint Is Now Banking on Android

Mint for Android officially lands today and I’ve been using it for a few days on my Google Nexus One. It was worth the wait, because it’s not a watered-down, first effort on a new platform. It’s just as functional and effective as its iPhone counterpart.

Quicken Essentials for Mac

I spent the last week or so playing with a copy of the new Quicken Essentials for Mac from Intuit (s intu) and I can make this review really short for you. If you’re a die-hard Quicken user, you will hate (I mean really loathe and despise) the new Quicken Essentials product. If you are new to Personal Finance Management (PFM) software, then you will probably really like Quicken Essentials but still feel a little confused about why you have to pay $60 $69 for it.

Quicken Pops a Mint

Quicken 2007 for Mac was released in August of 2006. Since that time, Intuit has struggled to define its Mac strategy and loyal users have felt left behind. Intuit tried an online product that worked with the Mac, but were bewildered when a little startup, created as an anti-Quicken, amassed more subscribers. Last September, Intuit took another look at that startup and acquired and placed Mint’s founder, Aaron Patzer at the head of the personal finance group at Intuit. That move appeared to show that Intuit was floundering and was looking for outside help to fix its core PFM business. Understandably, the new Quicken Essentials shows a strong Mint influence. Read More about Quicken Essentials for Mac