Landis+Gyr at Any Price? Smart Meters’ Second Act

Landis+Gyr is on the auction block, and big smart grid suitors like General Electric, Toshiba and Honeywell ABB are rumored to be interested in paying $2 billlion-plus for the smart meter giant. Strategic buyers could find value by integrating into their own lines of business.

Toshiba Leaps From Laptops to Electric Cars

Toshiba and Mitsubishi Motors have teamed up to work on battery systems for electric cars, the laptop and electronics giant announced on Friday. But if everyone needs multiple sources, then Toshiba is hardly a shoe-in for a contract to supply Mitsubishi with the battery systems.

Waiting for the Electric Car Price War

As plug-in hybrid and all-electric cars gradually make their way to dealers’ lots over the next 12 months, we are likely to see more aggressive price cutting and hardcore marketing deals in an attempt to lure consumers away from their good ol’ gasoline vehicles.

Mitsubishi’s $76M Smart Grid Play

Japanese conglomerates that have so far been dabbling in the global smart grid market seem to be looking to ramp up their investments. At least Mitsubishi — which makes everything from clean power equipment to cars to consumer electronics to chemicals — is.

How To Make Paper Notes Searchable For Free

Tablet PC enthusiasts have long been taking handwritten notes on the computer screen using OneNote from Microsoft. The ability to search handwritten notes in OneNote is powerful. A simple method exists that anyone can use with paper notes to make them searchable. Here’s how.

Does Blogger Outreach Still Work?

In early 2007, the Council of Public Relations Firms (CPRF) and APCO Worldwide partnered to learn more about interactions and relationships between public relations (PR) professionals and bloggers. Findings showed that PR professionals who understood blogger “culture” were having more success in communicating in this online channel than those who do not.

In the study, bloggers cautioned PR professionals that traditional outreach methods would not be effective with them; they were adamant that a smart, well-researched approach would work best. The study goes on to say that “most bloggers tend to write about subjects they are passionate about. And most of the time, the product (blog) is wholly owned by them. Therefore, their blog and the subject matter are extremely personal endeavors.”

I haven’t seen a more recent study of a similar type to show what has changed, but as someone who engages both in blogger outreach with my company and blogging, I feel that the landscape has fundamentally shifted. Read More about Does Blogger Outreach Still Work?

Why Buy a Standalone Box When Vudu Has Apps Already On the TV?

Take that, Boxee Box! Take that, Roku Player! Sure, those companies are adding lots of content to their broadband set-top boxes through channels or apps developed by third-party content partners. But while those guys are competing to get more apps delivered to the TV through a standalone box, Vudu has taken the approach a step further by getting those apps actually embedded onto the TV.

Vudu announced a number of partnerships with CE manufacturers today that will put its new app store into their Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray disc players over the coming year. Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Sharp, and Toshiba have settled on Vudu’s app store as their sole provider of streaming video and Internet services.

Read More about Why Buy a Standalone Box When Vudu Has Apps Already On the TV?

3 Microsoft Project 2010 Productivity Enhancements

As a longtime user, I’ve seen that one of the biggest obstacles to users adopting Microsoft Project (s msft) is the app itself. It’s quite a complex application, and so it’s due for a productivity makeover to help it become more accessible to users who aren’t PMI certified.

The launch of the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta brings with it a number of changes. Here are some of its productivity enhancements:

Visually Enhanced Timeline View. Because the Gantt chart can be a miss with some audiences, the multiple and enhanced view options in Project 2010 should help project leads communicate project scheduling and status data to stakeholders and clients. Read More about 3 Microsoft Project 2010 Productivity Enhancements