Sybase 365 teams with Urban Airship to offer push messaging

Sybase 365, one of the largest providers of SMS and MMS messaging, is getting into the push notification business through a partnership with Urban Airship. Sybase 365 will be able to offer enterprise customers app-based push messaging that should help them continue to engage their consumers.

Telcos could be the key to Twitter’s revenue model

Twitter is using a service provided by a telco spin out to access telco APIs for its new photo service. As part of this move it–and other developers– may have found a crucial key to making money for themselves and even for telecommunications providers.

Apple Sued Over MMS: But Who Really Uses It?

According to a report this week on The Mac Observer, Apple (s aapl) and AT&T (s att) have been presented with a class action lawsuit by a customer who accuses them of misleading the public by advertising the MMS capabilities of the iPhone 3GS despite not making those capabilities available in the U.S. when it launched.

(Yawn.) I’ll let you mull over whether the accusation is fair; the plaintiff, Francis Monticelli, says in the suit that “MMS functionality was one of the reasons people chose to buy or upgrade… it has [become] clear that AT&T’s network does not support MMS.”
TMO points out Apple made it quite clear MMS functionality would not be available in America at the launch of the iPhone 3GS. Surely you remember the hilarious (and embarrassing) murmur of amusement and derision from the audience at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference when Scott Forstall introduced MMS? “29 of our carrier partners in 76 countries around the world will support MMS at the launch of iPhone OS 3.0,” Forstall announced, then, trying to keep a straight face, added, “In the United States, AT&T will be ready to support MMS later this summer.” Read More about Apple Sued Over MMS: But Who Really Uses It?

Yfrog Lets You Post Media to Twitter Via an iPhone MMS Text

yfrogYfrog now lets you send photos and video to Twitter via an MMS message on the iPhone, which is in accordance with the Apple (s appl) device’s new MMS capability going live today.

If you’re new to Yfrog, sign up for an email address on the site, which you can do through OAuth. After that, open a new text message on your iPhone and select a photo or video to upload. Then just type in your Yfrog email address and hit send. Read More about Yfrog Lets You Post Media to Twitter Via an iPhone MMS Text

AT&T Launches MMS for the iPhone

All eyes are on AT&T (s T) today, as the company has started rolling out multimedia messaging service (MMS) for the iPhone. Stacey at GigaOM pondered this morning whether AT&T’s network will be able to handle the crush of iPhoners sending videos and pictures to one another, and over at TheAppleBlog comes word that people aren’t just hoping for an AT&T fail, but are actively organizing to try and make it happen so that Apple (s AAPL) ends its exclusive deal with the telco.

Have any NewTeeVeers tried the iPhone MMS? Let us know how it went in the comments. To activate the service you need to update your iPhone in iTunes (full instructions at TheAppleBlog).

AT&T iPhone MMS Launches Today


According to the Twittersphere, AT&T (s att) has begun flipping the switch on MMS across the U.S. today. Sources say that AT&T will be sending out text messages, beginning at 10 A.M. EST today, to notify customers when MMS service is available for their use.

Customers and industry watchers alike are waiting anxiously to see how AT&T’s network will cope with the increased demand MMS will cause. AT&T spokesman Seth Bloom doesn’t expect any problems, however, noting in an email that:

SMS and MMS messages are carried differently than other network traffic.  This is one of the reasons why when there’s a natural disaster or other large scale emergency situation (e.g., earthquake or something like that) that causes a huge and sudden spike in voice calls, wireless carriers suggest that people send text messages. They’re likely to get through when the voice circuits are busy.

Read More about AT&T iPhone MMS Launches Today

AT&T Already Activating iPhone MMS for Some

mms_attiPhone users in the U.S. are eagerly anticipating AT&T’s (s att) Sept. 25 MMS activation date, but for some at least, the wait is already over. Many are already seeing the switch thrown that enables MMS on their devices, according to a thread over at HowardForums, a mobile phone message board.

AT&T is taking a staggered approach to the activation of this long-awaited iPhone OS 3.0 feature, probably in an effort to minimize the effects of the rollout. If my own experience is any indication, the vast majority of network strain resulting from MMS will occur when users first activate it, after which most will probably only touch it sporadically. Read More about AT&T Already Activating iPhone MMS for Some

AT&T Specifies iPhone MMS Go-Live Date


AT&T (s att) customers can finally get their multimedia messaging on come the end of September, according to a company spokesman speaking to TUAW’s Mel Martin today. The official go-live date is Sept. 25, which falls only a tad short of the company’s original late summer prediction for the service.

Spokesman Brad Mays ascribes the lateness of MMS’ arrival to the unmatched size of AT&T’s iPhone user base. The U.S. provider does have far more subscribers than any other carrier globally, and its network has shown signs of strain already. No doubt significant infrastructure build or reconfiguration was required to enable MMS support. Read More about AT&T Specifies iPhone MMS Go-Live Date

What AT&T Has to Fear From Google Voice

AT&TLately, Google (s goog) Voice is perhaps one of the most widely discussed products in the Apple (s aapl) blogosphere besides Apple’s own native devices. With its rejection from the App Store and people pointing fingers at Apple, AT&T (s att), Steve Jobs and just about everyone and everything else in between, new evidence put forth by Andy Kessler and The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) directs blame squarely at AT&T. Rightfully so. Read More about What AT&T Has to Fear From Google Voice