Why “Web vs. Native” Isn’t Really Black and White

The debate over whether the future of mobile data lies in native applications vs. Web-based offerings is often depicted as a Darwinian contest where only one will survive. But the truth is much more complex than some pundits would have you believe.

How App Stores Can Compete With Android Market

Amazon last week launched a developer program in advance of its opening of a store for Android apps. The move underscores the opportunities that exist for third parties looking to distribute apps to users of Google’s mobile operating system.

The End of the Search Box in Mobile?

A host of downloadable offerings are helping users of high-end handsets locate the nearest hardware store, check the local weather forecast or scroll through the latest headlines. The phenomenon is leading some observers to claim that apps are better suited for mobile use than traditional search engines. But to claim that the new applications threaten Google or any other online search provider misses the point.