Tablets were easy for Amazon. A smartphone will be harder

Amazon is widely expected unveil its first smartphone at a press event this week. The company has done an impressive job of building an app ecosystem for its line of Android tablets, but faces even bigger challenges as it enters a brutal handset market.

Amazon would face huge challenges in the smartphone business

Amazon will reportedly is preparing to introduce a smartphone that presumably will run a forked version of Android, just as its tablets do. But the online retailer would face a huge challenge in replacing Google’s proprietary cloud services in Android.

Yahoo wisely follows Facebook’s path in mobile ads

Yahoo is taking a page from Facebook’s playbook by placing click-to-download ads from app publishers looking to ramp up distribution of their offerings. It’s a wise move from a company that has yet to make much of a dent in the promising world of mobile advertising.

Android is great, but Microsoft musn’t abandon Windows Phone

As its acquisition by Microsoft near closing, Nokia is reportedly preparing to introduce its first handset running Android at GSM World Congress. Microsoft is wise to extend its software and services to the world’s dominant mobile operating system, but it can’t abandon Windows Phone.

Why the mobile app industry really is like a gold rush

The mobile app market is often compared to a gold rush, with developers playing the role of miners looking to strike it rich. But like any gold rush, there are huge opportunities for those who can provide tools to those seeking a massive one-time strike.