Skyfire Horizon toolbar puts carriers into the mobile browser

Skyfire is announcing a new mobile browser extension called Horizon that will be implemented by carriers in stock browsers. The browser offers some usefulness but may also be seen as an intrusion by operators into the browsing experience.

Firefox for Android loses beta tag, speeds up mobile web

After months of testing and refinement, Firefox for Android loses its beta tag, bringing a fast mobile web experience to devices running Android 2.2 or greater. The updated browser touts a full web experience, new security features, desktop sync and delivers on its promise of speed.

Latest beta of Firefox’s speedy mobile browser hits Android

Mozilla has a new beta version of its mobile Firefox browser for Android. The software is still a work in progress, but shows promise with a redesigned user interface, faster startup and support for Flash. In a JavaScript test, it’s as fast as Chrome for Android!

Coming soon: Chrome for iPhone & iPad

Google’s Chrome browser is will appear on Apple’s iOS devices this quarter suggests Macquarie (USA) Equities Research, reducing the payments that Google makes to Apple for search results in Safari. That sounds great but Apple’s third-party browser limitations will surely minimize any benefits for Google.

Dolphin Browser improves with Skitch and Evernote

Dolphin Browser, a popular third-party web client for Android devices, is set to get even more popular. On Tuesday, the browser gained two new add-ons: support for both Skitch and Evernote, making it easier to annotate, draw on, or capture web content for saving or sharing.

Mobile users lean toward apps over browsers

Mobile users love their apps and that love affair has outstripped our interest in browsers. That’s according to comScore’s latest mobile subscriber data, which found that the percentage of users who use apps has finally surpassed the percent of subscribers who turn to a mobile browser.

Better browsing, even offline on mobiles: Evernote Clearly

Since I use multiple mobile devices on various platforms, it sometimes gets to be a chore trying to read saved web pages when offline. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between two great solutions: Instapaper and Read It Later. But both might be trumped by Evernote.

HTML5 key to Facebook’s mobile app discovery, engagement

Facebook launched its native app for Apple’s iPad on Monday, but the bigger story is wider support for web technologies as Facebook tries to be everywhere on every device. The company shared news with developers explaining how social app discovery using HTML5 can reap greater engagement.