Mobile browsers top 20% for web use around the world

The mobile wave continues to build with no signs of cresting. According to StatCounter’s data, mobile devices accounted for 21.6 percent of global web browsing as of last month. PCs still have their place but it’s diminishing quickly for some activities

Planet broadband, like the US Internet, is getting faster

Second quarter of 2012 represented three good months for planet broadband, particularly for the US which saw big gains in higher broadband speeds. In addition, Japan got faster and more countries are offering more broadband to more people. But there is some bad news as well.

Opera Mobile for Android: Slimmer, safer and faster than Chrome

Opera Mobile for Android gets speedy — or should I say SPDY — with version 12.1 of the browser, now available for free in the Google Play store. The popular mobile browser also gains some web fraud detection features and wider support for HTML 5 standards

Dolphin Browser proves it’s ready for an HTML5 future

No mobile browser has passed through the first two hurdles in the Ringmark test, a tool created by Facebook that checks for a wide range of HTML5 support. That is, no mobile browser until now. The most recent beta of Dolphin Browser for Android just did.

Yahoo Axis: A surprisingly fresh take on mobile browsers

Yahoo launched its new Axis mobile browser for iOS devices and it’s surprisingly good. In fact, Yahoo’s peers could learn a thing or two from this fresh take on user interfaces: Axis is swipe-friendly and a fast way to get at search or other web information.

So who picks the browser on a mobile device: You or “them”?

There’s quite a ruckus going on over ARM-powered Windows 8 tablets: Mozilla and Google are crying foul over third-party browser restrictions Microsoft has put in place in Windows 8. Here’s why this isn’t really a new problem and why it’s likely to get worse over time.

Want to save big on mobile data? Try Opera Mini 7

The Opera Mini 7 browser for Android is here, offering users a data savings of up to 90 percent. Mobile browsers that save on data sound good, but if the experience is poor, consumers won’t likely use them. Luckily, Opera Mini works well and saves data.