Dolphin browser for Android gains cloud sync

One of the most popular third-party web browsers for Android devices, Dolphin, gained support for cloud-based synchronization on Wednesday. The updated software syncs browsing preferences, bookmarks and even on-screen gestures over the web to other Android devices running Dolphin and the Webzine feature shows improved controls.

Opera for Android helps monitor mobile data use

Opera released updated versions of its Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers for Google Android devices on Tuesday. The new software includes a mobile broadband meter showing how much data has been used for browsing. Will device owners give up browsing preferences for less data usage?

Why the Windows Phone browser has no tabs. Should it?

Microsoft’s newest Windows Phone browser, coming soon via the Mango software update, shows improvements, but tabs aren’t part of the redesign. The small screen of a smartphone limits what controls can be in the browser, but we’ve seen some clever ways to make it work.

Guess who is WebKit’s new best friend

WebKit technology is what powers some of the top browsers (especially mobile) today. While Apple and Google are its most visible champions, the support for WebKit and ancillary technologies is coming from unlikely quarters such as Amazon and Boxee. Here’s its new BFF.

Looks like HTML5 is gaining momentum

If recent news from Twitter, Pandora, Google and Amazon is any indication, it seems that a set of technologies collectively known as HTML5 are finally starting to gain a lot of momentum, and to me, that’s a good thing — especially for the mainstream users.

Twitter for Mobile Browsers, Simply Wonderful

Twitter for Mac may have all the attention lately, but it pales in comparison with the new mobile web version of Twitter. The company recently released the new version that is is simply wonderful and a great showcase for the potential of HTML5 technologies.

Given Choice, Will You Install Firefox for Android?

Mozilla’s new Firefox Mobile 4 browser is available for Android and Maemo, boasting faster speeds, desktop synchronization and more, although support for Adobe Flash is missing. The mobile app could offset Mozilla’s falling desktop browser share, but chances are that most Android owners will stay stock.

Firefox for Android 2x Faster Than Native Browser

Mozilla released the newest beta of Firefox for Android, and it’s a screamer. Benchmark tests show that Firefox’s JavaScript engine is more than twice as fast as Android’s native browser. Even the Motorola Xoom shows more speed with this new mobile version of Firefox.

Fennec Shows Glimpse of Future Mobile Browsing

Mozilla released an updated version of Fennec, its mobile browser for Nokia’s N900 and Google Android devices. Along with improved JavaScript performance, the web client includes Firefox Sync so users can seamlessly have access to bookmarks, passwords and open tabs between the desktop and smartphone.

Mobile Map Apps Overtake Maps in Browsers

Smartphone use for maps and navigation in the U.S. has nearly tripled in the past year as GPS radios are becoming standard fare in such devices. For the first time ever, more smartphone owners seeking navigation or maps use software as opposed to a browser.