Infographic: Features your next smartphone may have

What features might your next smartphone have? When you consider new mobile chips, graphics processors, 4G networks, sensors and more, the sky’s the limit. Here’s an overview what you can expect to see in the smartphones of tomorrow, which will top 1 billion sales by 2015.

Why Texas Instruments and iRobot are working together

The chips that power today’s smartphones and tablets are expanding to robots as Texas Instruments and iRobot announced a new partnership on Monday. TI’s OMAP platform will be used by Roomba-maker, iRobot, to help develop new robotic technologies. Here’s why, and what to expect.

Mobile virtualization: Another nail in the PC coffin

There’s a trend building, and it’s not good for the PC industry. It’s not tablet and smartphone growth — although that’s part of the trend — but virtualization on mobile devices. This allows remote PC access from a tablet, for example, and could hurt already slowing PC sales.

Qualcomm adds to a mobile chip fragmentation issue

You may not care who makes the processing chip in your smartphone or tablet yet, but if chip makers have their way, you will in the future. Qualcomm is expanding its lineup of games exclusive to devices running on its Snapdragon processor, similar to Nvidia’s TegraZone.

Qualcomm’s S4: One mobile chip to rule all networks

Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon S4 chips are expected next year and will be the first to support all of the major 2G, 3G and 4G networks with a single integrated modem. It’s smaller, more powerful and should improve battery life on 4G smartphones, tablets and other devices.

TI’s New Chip Ready for Smartphones, Tablets, Even Windows Laptops

Texas Instruments has ceded much of the mobile chip market to Qualcomm and Nvidia, but is ready to challenge with a new OMAP 4 chip. The dual-core processor paired with a PowerVR graphics core can power smartphones, tablets and even notebook computers running Linux or Windows.

Adapteva Pitches A Supercomputer For Your Phone

The brains inside your smartphone are getting more power with the latest version of application processors having two processing cores to help speed up the delivery of web site load times and mobile gameplay. That’s awesome, but startup Adapteva, wants to take that number higher.

Chips Don’t Lie: Mobile Is Hot

Rising demand for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and handheld gaming devices will push mobile processor sales past the 4 billion mark by 2014, says In-Stat. But consumers and their devices don’t just want a mobile CPU; they want integrated mobile broadband connectivity too.

Intel May Buy Infineon’s Mobile Chip Business

Intel is rumored to be looking to buy German chip maker Infineon’s mobile chip business. The chip giant is trying to diversify beyond its core PC and server markets into new, fast-growing mobile markets. The company is woefully behind ARM-based rivals such as Qualcomm.