What is the mystery “entertainment device” Google is testing?

Google is asking the Federal Communications Commission for permission to test a mysterious Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled “entertainment device,” in employees’ homes in four U.S. cities. So inquiring minds want to know, what exactly is it and is Google trying to build its own devices?

iWatch 2 concept is the iPod nano of the wearable computer age

I often wear an iPod nano as a watch, but with Android wrist-top devices appearing with much more to offer, it’s feeling a little behind the times these days. Something like Antonio De Rosa’s new iWatch2 is closer to what I’d like to see from Apple.

CES Trend: Digital health gadgets galore

Among the expected rows of new televisions, computers, phones and tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show is a growing number of health gadgets. These vary in form and function, but nearly all of them share some common elements: connectivity, mobile applications and social aspects.

Hearts will race with Wahoo’s BlueHR BT Smart monitor

As the market for Bluetooth 4.0 health monitoring gadgets is about to kick off next year, some companies are wasting no time, announcing products now. Wahoo’s new BlueHR heart monitor will debut for $79.99 and uses the low-powered wireless protocol with several existing iPhone 4S apps.

Apple’s iPad is eating notebooks for lunch

The influence of Apple’s iPad on mobile computing is made fairly obvious by the huge numbers of competitor products that we’ve seen from just about every mobile and computer company under the sun, but a new report from Deutsche Bank makes it even more apparent.