Infographic: Keeping Up with Apps

Mobile development moves fast, with new devices, operating systems, languages, and tools. Choosing the right mobile application development platform (MADP) can mean the difference between bringing a successful product to the mass market on time and getting scooped by the competition while your developers fix broken code.

GigaOm Kony Infographic

Examining developer strategies in a brutal app economy

Making a living has never been more difficult for app developers targeting mainstream smartphone users in the U.S. Rather than trying to build the next hit game, developers should consider some other compelling options.

Go enterprise–or go home?

In his Weekly Update, Colin Gibbs, the Gigaom Research curator for mobile, is ‘examining the battle for mobile enterprise app developers’. Along with considering Google’s moves to improve security with its Android L release in order to enhance its lead in enterprise mobile operating systems, Colin takes a look at the challenging life of mobile app developers–and how much better their efforts tend to be rewarded when they concentrate on building apps for the enterprise.

Why I’m not worried about the mobile web

Native apps have come to dominate the time we spend on our mobile devices as opposed to the broader “mobile web,” and some industry insiders are concerned that trend will stifle innovation. But there are a few important reasons to believe the mobile web has a bright future.

For developers, big opportunities lie in hardcore tablet gaming

The console gaming market is struggling, and the economics of the booming mobile gaming market are brutal for developers. But tablets provide an opportunity for developers to make money by targeting hardcore gamers with immersive, console-type titles.

If you think “mobile first,” you might be doing it wrong

The term “mobile first” has become something of a mantra for publishers who were often too slow to capitalize on the growth of mobile apps and web sites. But those publishers and their advertising partners need to start taking a broader view of how to present — and monetize — content across devices.