Flurry Pockets $7M in Funding

Flurry snares $7 million in venture funding just a month after merging with Pinch Media. The cash should help it grow its business in a substantial way — which will make it that much more attractive to potential suitors.

Chorus App Gives Voice to iPhone Users

The new App Store offering Chorus leverages user recommendations to give iPhone users an alternative to Apple’s list of best-selling apps when shopping in the App Store. And that’s good news for consumers who are bewildered by all the choices in Apple’s ever-growing storefront.

Why Content Will Be Key for Mobile 3-D

As the hardware and software components fall into place for 3-D in mobile, content companies need to be ready to take advantage with compelling offerings that fully leverage the advancing technology.

Site Offers Group Therapy & Humor for Spurned iPhone Developers

Developers who’ve had their iPhone apps rejected thanks to Apple’s (s aapl) seemingly arbitrary approval policies have another online support group of sorts in AppleRejectedMe.com. The site, which was founded by the guy behind the rejected “You Are Rich” app, is billed as a kind of group therapy for spurned developers but reads more like a forum for wisecracking mobile geeks. (Sample post: “I made an app that caused AT&T (s t) to drop a call randomly based on a 50/50 chance. Because of duplicate functionality, Apple rejected me.”) The new site follows the recent debut of AppRejections.com, which was also launched by a rebuffed iPhone developer. And we’re sure to see more of this kind of thing unless Apple addresses its ever-widening rift with developers.

Samsung Aims for the Masses With bada, But Will Developers Bite?

Samsung-Intros-Mobile-Platform-bada-3GSamsung today unveiled plans to launch a new mobile software layer in the hopes of bringing high-end, smartphone-style apps to a broad range of its handsets. The question, of course, is whether it can lure developers to the platform.
Samsung’s bada — which means “ocean” in the Korean company’s native tongue — is an open platform designed to allow developers to create full-blown mobile apps for handsets that may not run a traditional smartphone operating system. Read More about Samsung Aims for the Masses With bada, But Will Developers Bite?

Verizon Working to Woo Developers

verizonlogoVerizon Wireless’s tie-up with Android was headline news yesterday — and for good reason (GigaOM Pro, sub. required) — but lost in all the hype was the company’s fusillade of press releases outlining its developer outreach initiative. In an obvious effort to attract the attention of the new kingmakers of the mobile realm, the carrier said more than 1,000 coders have joined its Verizon Develop Community, which launched just a couple of months ago. Read More about Verizon Working to Woo Developers