Who will be the first dominant mobile game maker?

The Moscow-based game maker ZeptoLabs hopes to duplicate the enormous success of Cut the Rope with Pudding Monsters, which launches today for Android and iOS devices. Doing so would make ZeptoLabs the first developer of mobile games to deliver two entirely separate blockbuster franchises.

Sony not ceding mobile to casual games

At GigaOM’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco on Thursday, Jack Buser, Sony’s senior director of PlayStation digital platforms, talked about why Sony developed the PlayStation Mobile platform for PlayStation games that can, for the first time, be played on devices not made by the Japanese company.

Amazon launches GameCircle to boost Kindle Fire games

Amazon is getting more serious about gaming on the Kindle Fire with the introduction of GameCircle, a social engagement layer for developers who want to add achievements, leaderboards and cloud syncing to their games. The service is Amazon’s answer to Apple’s Game Center.

Rovio raked in $106M last year in preparation for IPO

Angry Birds maker Rovio generated $106.3 million in revenue last year based on the success of three games and a booming merchandising business. The tenfold improvement over the previous is a strong showing for the company as it looks ahead to an IPO next.

Zynga’s CEO on leadership, startups & mobile gaming

About two weeks ago, I sat down with Zygna founder and CEO Mark Pincus to discuss the importance of mobile gaming to his company and evolution from Mark the entrepreneur to Pincus the CEO of a company that is valued at billions by Wall Street.