Kamcord nabs another $15 million for mobile game videos

Mobile game video platform Kamcord just raised another $15 million in funding: Kamcord’s Series B is led by Japanese game publisher GungHo, with Tencent and Wargaming also participating. Kamcord allows players of mobile video games to record their gameplay, and more than 1.3 million players have already shared more than 25 million videos over the platform. The new funding comes just seven months after the company raised a $7.1 million Series A, and brings the total amount of money raised by Kamcord to $25 million.

Amazon’s power move in the living room

With 2GB of RAM and a dedicated GPU watching Amazon’s FireTV will be much more like watching traditional linear TV, with little latency between remote control inputs and response, and relative ease in switching between “channels.”

For developers, big opportunities lie in hardcore tablet gaming

The console gaming market is struggling, and the economics of the booming mobile gaming market are brutal for developers. But tablets provide an opportunity for developers to make money by targeting hardcore gamers with immersive, console-type titles.

Zynga bets $527 million it can build on NaturalMotion’s success

Zynga announced the acquisition of NaturalMotion, a U.K.-based outfit whose Clumsy Ninja app has attracted the attention of iOS users. But while NaturalMotion has developed some impressive technology, Zynga faces a big challenge in building on its success.