Team game dynamics, not personal tools, fix healthcare

Adam Bosworth, the founder and CTO of health start-up Keas said the key in transforming health care is not in personalized tools but in gamified systems for employees that build off competition and encouragement and help employers bring down their insurance costs.

Motorola chases the smart watch fitness market with MotoACTV

Motorola’s big news was supposed to be the resurrection of the Razr brand with the Droid Razr but the manufacturer took people by surprise with a new fitness and music watch called MotoACTV that drops Motorola into a fast growing market for mobile fitness devices.

Motorola brings out the big guns with Droid Razr

Motorola and Verizon revived the Razr brand with a new Droid Razr, an extremely thin LTE Android smartphone with a dual core 1.2 GHz processor and a super AMOLED display. And it’s got some nice software improvements as well that make it really competitive.

Mobile phones shifting from fun to fundamental

Analyst Chetan Sharma, in a new white paper, said the impact of mobile, which has been on focused mostly on higher self needs, is now shifting to more basic issues like health care. It’s in these more utilitarian areas where opportunities exist.

Azumio collects $2.5M to turn smartphones into health monitors

Azumio, a mobile health startup whose first app, Instant Heart Rate, was downloaded 8 million times, has just raised $2.5 million from Founders Fund, Accel Partners and Felicis Ventures. It shows that there’s a lot of opportunity ahead in mobile health applications.

Jawbone goes the health monitor route with wrist sensor

Fresh off its $70 million funding round, Jawbone is now turning its eyes to the growing opportunity in wearable health monitors with a wrist sensor product. Called UP, it’s a wristband equipped with an application that combines tracking and analysis of movements, nutrition and sleep patterns.

Basis Building the Ultimate Watch Fitness Monitor

Devices like Fitbit and smartphone apps like Runkeeper have the ability to act as powerful health sensors. But one of the most promising ventures in this field is an upcoming product from Pulse Tracer called Basis, a watch monitor that packs in a bunch of sensors.