Mobile ISP Karma plans a move into home broadband

Karma’s pocketable mobile hotspot is already used by 100,000 people looking for connectivity on the go. But Karma wants its mobile broadband service to become its customer’s primary source of internet access.

MVNO Karma goes live, selling a 4G hotspot made for sharing

Karma has arrived and its brought its concept of social bandwidth along for the ride. It’s betting consumers will be willing to share their 4G connections with strangers if given the proper incentive so it’s doling out free bandwidth in exchange for benevolence.

Sprint bumps per GB price on hotspot plans for phones

In a bid to encourage more customers to use their mobile phone as a wireless hotspot, Sprint has revamped its mobile hotspot tethering services on smartphones. There’s a new lower-priced plan but it will cost more per gigabyte. So will the new $50 plan.

FreedomPop starts taking orders for 4G iPhone sleeve

Though FreedomPop remains mysterious on the exact timing , its “free” mobile broadband service seems to be nearing a launch date. It has started selling its WiMAX iPhone sleeve online and also revealed it won’t deliver as much free data to customers as it originally advertised.

So what will happen to Mobile Hotspots?

When Apple announced the new iPad, it touted that the new iPad will be able to offer “mobile hot spot” like features, allowing you to share your wireless connection with five devices. This prompted folks at to ask: did Novatel and Sierra Wireless get Garmin’d?

At last! Windows Phone gains Internet sharing!

Windows Phone owners may want to connect their device to a computer and check for updates. I just did and found a software release that added the long-awaited Internet sharing feature for my HD7 handset. So now the question becomes: MiFi or handset as personal hotspot?