How carriers can fight “the death of SMS”

The rise of third-party messaging services is impacting SMS revenues of some operators in overseas markets and will eventually affect U.S. markets too. Operators looking to compete against offerings like Apple’s iMessage must begin to rethink their SMS businesses and find ways to differentiate them.

Pinger builds a bridge between IM and SMS

Pinger, a San Jose, Calif.-based startup that initially dealt in web-based voice messaging, has launched a free service for sending texts over a web browser. The new feature, dubbed Textfree Web, could well bridge the gap between traditional SMS and the quickly growing mobile messaging market.

Why iMessage won’t kill SMS

This week Apple unveiled iMessage, a feature that enables iOS users to exchange text messages and images without incurring messaging charges from their carriers. Despite headlines to the contrary, though, iMessage is not going to kill the cash cow that is SMS.